RT @FabienRabeau: ✅ Monitoring @MORICEJulien progress. ✅ First step 🚼 to strength training for @BillonGaetan @VitalConcept_CC 🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️ . 💨… @iseathlete ~ Strength session at @VitalConcept_CC performance centre 🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️ with @AdrienGarel1 and @panattaofficial 📷 Half S… https://t.co/eYYKpfJKmj @iseathlete ~ ISE is coming at you on instagram #iseathletehttps://t.co/oT4MF9tW50 @iseathlete ~


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career results

PB 5KM: 21:04 // PB 10KM: 42:22 // PB 21KM: 1:30:48 // PB 42KM: 3:50:09
2016: DUBAI MARATHON: 3:50:09
2016: RAK HALF MARATHON: 1:30:48
2014: 10th Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Rally Raid
2012: 18th Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Rally Raid

Kris Karcher's story

Whatever discipline, I need to feel like I am good at it. Knowing I am mediocre at something pushes me to develop an obsession to master it. I enjoy endurance racing as it combines both physical and mental strength, although I enjoy it most when the races are over and feel like I could not have pushed any harder at any point of the race.