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career results

2016: Transpyr Gran Raid MTB
2015: 1st Dante Torres Enduro MTB race
2015: 1st Hatta 6 hours MTB race
20 15: 2nd Showka Blue Tank Chaser XC MTB race
2014: 1st Showka XC MTB race
2014: 2nd XC MTB Chaser race
2014: 3rd RAK Al Awafi MTB race
2013: 2nd overall LESOTHO SKY MTB
2013: 2nd Showka XC MTB race

Franck Jaussaud's story

I believe in challenging myself it works for my professional career as well as for my sport. Challenging yourself in participating to a sport competition sets the goal for your training, it balances my lifestyle. I was mountain biking back home in the beginning of MTB I was only 15. When Fabien ask if I'll team up with Matt for the Lesotho sky it was very challenging as I wasn't fit at all but needed something like that to push myself. It got even worse when I broke a collar bone after one week of training only... But with determination and hard work though Fabien's support I managed to finish the race and see my body developing some fitness that I didn't know I could achieve.