RT @FabienRabeau: ✅ Monitoring @MORICEJulien progress. ✅ First step 🚼 to strength training for @BillonGaetan @VitalConcept_CC 🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️ . 💨… @iseathlete ~ Strength session at @VitalConcept_CC performance centre 🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️ with @AdrienGarel1 and @panattaofficial 📷 Half S… https://t.co/eYYKpfJKmj @iseathlete ~ ISE is coming at you on instagram #iseathletehttps://t.co/oT4MF9tW50 @iseathlete ~


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2016: 7th 20km Ultra Night Rebel Race (UAE)
2015: 3rd 30km 2XU Wadi Run (OMAN)
2015: 2nd Half Marathon Energizer Night Rebel (UAE)
2014: 1st Half Marathon "Wadi Racer" (UAE)
2014: 2nd Desert Road Run (UAE)
2014: 4th ADCB Half Marathon (UAE)

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I always used to run just to keep fit for racing moto. After training with ISE I was encouraged to enter some races and placed pretty well in them. My bike fitness and, as a result, overall speed have improved greatly in the 18 months I've spent training with them too. I'm now looking forward to an injury free year and pushing my limits in more running events.