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Clinton Hugh Wyngard’s profile

career results

2016: 10th Dubai Emirates Desert Rally Championship
2015: 1st UAE MX3 Championship
2014: 1st UAE MX3 Championship
2013: 2nd UAE MX Championship
2013: 4th UMQ MX Championship
2013: 5th Dubai MX1 Championship
2012: 5th UMQ MX Championship
2011: 5th Dubai MX2 Championship
2010: 5th Dubai MX2 Championship
2009: 5th Dubai MX2 Championship

Clinton Hugh Wyngard's story

I started racing motocross in the UAE in 2007 in MX2 on the 250cc Suzuki and it was really fun, I got more serious in to the sport from 2008 and can't get enough of riding my dirt bike. I suffered a few major injuries while races in 2010 - broken leg and fractured back from C1 to C4 and shattered collar bone which need seven pins, two plates and a large amount of wire to put it back together.