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career results

32 Hours Fast Winter Climb of the NE route: Dubai (UAE) to Mt Damavand (IRAN – 5610m).
6 Days Fast Alpine/Ice Climb of Alpamayo (PERU – 5947m).
Tien-Shan unclimbed peaks expedition (KYRGYZSTAN) with summit attempt of Khan Tengri, Lord of Skies (7010m).
North Route Summit attempt of Mt Everest (TIBET-8610m).
Island peaks (NEPAL-6189m)
Mt Rainier (USA-4392m)
Winter Climb of Khorma Kooh (IRAN-4020m)
Winter Climb of El Naranjo de Bulnes (SPAIN-2519m)

Javier Dominguez Clayton's story

Javier Dominguez, originally from Spain but now just one more citizen of The World :) My friends know me as Javi Clayton. I’m a very passionate climber always looking for challenges to give the best out of me on all diverse adventure sports I practice regularly. For the last 16 years I’ve been pushing hard at work to overcome my limits by working towards clear targets with passion and determination. For the last 6 years I’ve been doing the same on my free time out of work, enjoying all forms of climbing (sport, trad, ice, alpine) all around the World, riding my motorbikes on the road and the sand dunes, exploring the desert with my Jeep, paragliding all around the World… but my real passion is High Altitude Mountaineering, and my biggest dream is taking part of complex expeditions to the most challenging peaks on Earth. Speed equals safety in big mountains, and with the help of International Sports Expertise, I’m specialising on fast ascents on either heavy or alpine style. I perform extremely well at high altitude, probably thanks to my genetics, but also to the specialised training I’ve done over the recent years, and incorporating intermittent hypoxic training supervised by Fabien Rabeau. All together allow me to move fast at altitudes over 5000m, where most athletes suffer from the effects of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). My training goals today are to gain more strength on lower body, back and core, as well as improving balance and stability to be able to move with heavier loads on alpine climbs. I’m also working on polishing my trad and ice climbing skills, and looking to get into cross country skiing this year. My short term objectives are climbing one more big Eight - thousander in Pakistan, and doing my first Ice Cap Expedition in Greenland, Patagonia or Alaska.