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Mohamed Abu Issa’s profile

career results

2015: 1st Pharaons Rally (EGYPT)
2015: 1st Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Rally (UAE)
2015: 2nd Sealine Cross Country Rally (QATAR)
2014: 1st Sealine Cross Country Rally (QATAR)
2014: 3rd Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Rally (UAE)
2014: 4th DAKAR Rally
2013: 1st Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Rally (UAE)
2013: 3rd Sealine Cross Country Rally (QATAR)
2013: 4th Sardinia Rally (ITA)
2013: 6th Dos Sertoes Rally (BRAZIL)

Mohamed Abu Issa's story

Born in 1990, Mohamed Abu Issa, had a passion for quads since his childhood. He developed his talents, and became a professional Quad Racer, participating in three different disciplines: Cross Country Rally, Enduro and Quad Cross. On the national level, Mohamed reached the podium many times in Enduro and Quad Cross. However, on the international level, he participated for the first time at the FIM Quads Cross Country Rallies World Cup 2013 where he finished his debut world cup in 2nd position. Furthering this, Mohamed became the first Qatari rider to finish the infamous Dakar Rally on a quad, coming 4th overall and leading the junior category in his class. This was a career highlight and enabled him to continue into the 2014 World Cup with confidence. Mohamed decided recently to take his passion to quads into the next level and make a career out of it. Through the support of his family and his nation, he was able to turn professional and do what he loves most. This is only the beginning of his adventure, in cross-country rallies. So far 2014 has been unforgettable with 3rd place in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and clinching 1st place in his home country at the Sealine Cross Country Rally Qatar. The fight for this year’s world title is underway and with all the knowledge gained from his first year, it is going to be more competitive than ever amongst the top riders.