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2014: 1st RTA Streetball Games 3 on 3

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For me, being active is a way to leave the day behind, clear my mind and just focus on the game, the technique, the ways to improve, to shoot, to balance, and to not injure myself in the process. Since I've started training with Fabien and ISE 5 years ago, I've gone from not being able to jog 3 km without stopping, to being able to run 10 km in 53 mins. He works on my stamina, strength and balance so that I can focus on the sports I enjoy. I am healthier now than I have ever been before, improving as I get older and not the other way around. I also only restarted basketball 6 years ago and started dancing over 1 year ago, with no previous experience and now can't imagine a time before that. It's never too late to find something you love to do, to restart something you did for fun as a kid and improve your health and fitness.